The Finger Trap: A Tony Flaner Mystery

I said it once, and I’ll say it again: Johnny Worthen is an author that continues to impress and satisfy. This time, I decided to plunge into his comedic detective series The Finger Trap.

I remember when I first met Johnny Worthen (or maybe the first time? I can’t remember), he was handing out bookmarks featuring this novel, along with Eleanor and another book I haven’t read called The Brand Demand, as marketing. I’d always liked both mystery novels and fantasy (with a soft spot for YA fantasy, if you haven’t noticed) and was drawn towards The Finger Trap. Johnny, seeing my wide-eyed innocence, steered me towards Eleanor. While I was a little put off, Johnny was right: where I was at the time, Eleanor was more to my liking. The Finger Trap has more adult humor, and if I’d read it back then I probably never would have read another Johnny Worthen novel. Continue reading “The Finger Trap: A Tony Flaner Mystery”

What Immortal Hand

what immortal hand coverDo you ever read a book with the honest intent to write a review right afterwards, but life happens and then a couple of weeks pass and whoops, you haven’t written the blog yet?  Or is that just me?  Whoops.

As you may know, I am a fan of Johnny Worthen’s work.  I signed up for his email list last year at Salt Lake Comic Con, and this year, when he asked for readers and reviewers for his new book, What Immortal Hand, I immediately responded, “Yassss!” (If you’re tired of my reviews of Johnny’s books, get used to it.  I’ll probably end up reviewing all his books over time)

What Immortal Hand follows Michael Oswald, private investigator for an insurance company eager to prove disability fraud or other ways customers violated their plans and thus don’t have to pay out any insurance claims.  Michael doesn’t like working for the insurance company, but it pays his bills and allows him to travel endlessly. Continue reading “What Immortal Hand”

Beatrysel by Johnny Worthen

beatrysel cover artBeatrysel, by Johnny Worthen, is a very interesting novel.  Set in Portland, Oregon, it centers around dark and occult deaths caused, if not by the self-made Mage Julian Cormac, then by someone close to him.

Julian has just come out of a drug-filled stupor prescribed by his psychiatrist after he exited a mental hospital to find that something is very wrong.  His friends the Crabs, so called because they frequent a quaint bookshop called the Crabtree, are being targeted by a serial killer that kills by luring their victims to their deaths by Magick. Continue reading “Beatrysel by Johnny Worthen”

The Unseen Trilogy

Every once in a while, like a magic spell, a book series comes along that takes me away to a magical place and never lets me go.  Harry Potter did that.  So, to a lesser extent, did Percy Jackson.  Uglies did a good job, too.  And now, I have another trilogy (and maybe more? *crosses fingers*) that I can add to my list of must-reads: The Unseen by Johnny Worthen. Continue reading “The Unseen Trilogy”