The Unseen Trilogy

Every once in a while, like a magic spell, a book series comes along that takes me away to a magical place and never lets me go.  Harry Potter did that.  So, to a lesser extent, did Percy Jackson.  Uglies did a good job, too.  And now, I have another trilogy (and maybe more? *crosses fingers*) that I can add to my list of must-reads: The Unseen by Johnny Worthen. Continue reading “The Unseen Trilogy”

Line of Fire: An Autumn Rain Novel

Tline of fire coverhere comes a time when you’re reading a series when you have to decide, “Is this getting better?  Is this series still worth my time?”

I want to say that the Autumn Rain novels are getting better with each installment.  I want to love Autumn’s character as much as I did when I first discovered the series.  But either the author Rachel Ann Nunes is getting series fatigue, or I’m becoming a more savvy reader and recognize flaws in her writing that I never noticed when I first read Imprints.

I went over my reactions of the first installment of the series when I reviewed Final Call, so I won’t rehash them here.  Instead, I’ll focus on what stood out to me that makes me believe either the author has writing fatigue or isn’t focusing on improving her craft. Continue reading “Line of Fire: An Autumn Rain Novel”

The Devotion of Suspect X

devotion of suspect x coverThe other day I was looking on Facebook and noticed that the book club that I belong to, but haven’t attended in months, was hosting a discussion session on a day that I could actually attend.  And that day happened to be in two days’ time.  And I’d never even heard of the book that was going to be discussed.  Oh, and that book was approximately 300 pages long, a translation, and a cerebral read.  So like any semi-sane person, I decided to download it on my resurrected Kindle Touch and read it in approximately eight hours straight (okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration.  It was seven hours straight, with an extra hour the day before). Continue reading “The Devotion of Suspect X”

The Devil in Silver

devil in silver coverThe Devil in Silver, by Victor Lavalle, is a book I found in the unlikeliest of places: the dollar store.  Now, some of you may be going, “Oh Ellie, you didn’t grab a Dollar Tree book, did you?  All of those are castoffs with no real value.”  To which I reply, “Pooh pooh, some of these books are real gems lost to the tragedy of poor publicity and marketing.”

Now, there are some books that I find at the Dollar Tree that I absolutely love, and others are so-so.  This one’s a mix of good and so-so.  So…at least I only paid a dollar for this four hundred-plus page book. Continue reading “The Devil in Silver”

Witch and Wizard: A Cautionary Tale

witch and wizard coverHave you ever read a book that just grabbed you and never let you go, which you were a little embarrassed to admit you read because you’re an adult and you shouldn’t enjoy it as much as you do but you don’t care because it’s the most amazing book in the history of everything?

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but Witch and Wizard isn’t it.

Written by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet, this book is lazy.  From the world building to the dialogue to the descriptions to the characters, this book is the epitome of why James Patterson’s idea of making his name a brand and letting ghostwriters do the work is a very bad idea. Continue reading “Witch and Wizard: A Cautionary Tale”

Book Review: My Story by Elizabeth Smart

elizabeth smart coverThis memoir is one that I’ve been wanting to read for a long time.  I remember when Elizabeth Smart was taken.  I remember the news, the fliers, the little buttons and the blue ribbons (though I only saw the blue ribbons on TV).  Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapping was one of the few news reports, along with reports on the 9-11 attacks, that my family recorded on VHS.  We prayed for Elizabeth, we wished we could go on the search parties (with a mother with a full-time job and a father who was physically unable to go into the heat, and children too young to participate, all we could do was watch), we gulped up the news, devoured it, sat on the edge of our seats waiting, hoping, that Elizabeth would be found.

And me?  I was terrified. Continue reading “Book Review: My Story by Elizabeth Smart”

Final Call

Final Call, by Rachel Ann Nunes, is the third book in a series featuring imprint-reading final call coverpolice consultant Autumn Rain.  Imprints are images and emotions left behind on objects by people who treasured them or had strong emotions while holding them.  As the third book in the series, the characters were well-established, and the author was able to jump straight into the mystery with tiny little explanations and recaps here and there.  This book stands on its own, though I do think that there are bits here and there where it would do the reader good to have read the other two books first. Continue reading “Final Call”