Blog Tour: Lies and Letters

lies and letters blog tour

I don’t usually like romances.  They’re too formulaic–beautiful, feminine woman falls for gruff man with a bad history.  Man breaks the woman’s heart, but the man eventually overcomes his faults and the woman and the man live happily ever after.  Or the author writes the woman as an empty shell with very little personality so that the reader can place herself (the reader in romances is usually a woman, though not always), and then the romantic interest is so stunningly handsome that the reader falls madly in love with him at the same time as the heroine.

I was a little bit nervous to take part in the blog tour for Lies and Letters by Ashtyn Newbold.  I didn’t want to be disappointed by another poorly-written romance taking place in what I now know is called the regency era in England.  But as I read, I was drawn in from page one.  You see, this romance isn’t like any other I’ve read: the woman is a shallow, selfish jerk, and that is plain to see from the very first page.  On page one, I was drawn in by the crisp writing, and by page two I absolutely hated Charlotte. Continue reading “Blog Tour: Lies and Letters”