Hello everyone! My name is Ellie (or at least, that’s the name I’m going by on this blog).  I’m an avid reader and writer, and a semi-avid camper, hiker, and beginning runner. To keep myself fed, clothed, and housed, I work as a Medical Laboratory Technologist (currently in training), which means I get to test your blood to see if you’re sick or not.

Sometimes, when I read a book, I am completely engrossed in the story.  At other times, there are those details or discrepancies that pull me out of the story and leave a sour taste in my mouth.  I want to dedicate my blog to those things–good and bad–that happen in a book.

While I consider myself a writer, I tend to meander on blog posts.  Thus, this will likely read more like a journal, a collection of rambling thoughts of things that I enjoyed, things that infuriate me, and occasional sour grapes about the publishing world in general (I’ll try to keep things positive, but from experience I’m sure that a few of those grumblings will leak through.  And I’m one for honesty, so I tend to leave those bits unedited–for better or for worse).

If you want me to review your book, or if you think there’s a book I would enjoy, please contact me at elliereadsblog@gmail.com. It may take me a little while to read through books you’ve written, but I’ll try to make them a priority.  And please no MLM emails. I will block you.